is committed to the fight
against counterfeiting has selected the most reputable experts in the market. Our experts are chosen for their experience, reputation professionalism and passion for their work. Every item sold on is inspected and authenticated by these experts.

Since 2012, is a signatory to the Charter committed to the fight against counterfeiting on the Internet specifically for the brands Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton. This charter was developed under the auspices of the Minister of Industry, Energy and Economy.

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Our Experts in
Luxury leather goods

Each brand has its own specifities and our experts are choosen for their reknown knowledge on each of them.

Here are their means to spot Fake Luxury Goods:

  • The hands-on approach: The leather should be dry and supple, not sticky or stiff
  • The brand's stamp
  • The seams on the leather
  • The metal parts
  • The high-quality finishings
  • Their years of experience
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Our Experts in

Here is an overview of their expertise panoply. As you can see, nothing has been left behind

  • A leveridge to control the weight of the gemstones
  • A 10x magnifying glass to scrutinize - down to the tiniest details
  • A dichroscope to inspect the colors of the stones
  • A refractometer to measure the light refraction index into the stone
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Our Experts in

They have a talent for precision and detail

Here is an overview of their work methods:

  • The good rythm of the second hand moves
  • The Study of the cydop glass quality
  • The Weight of the watch
  • The Back of the watch
  • The Analysis of the metal
  • The water resistance
  • The individual series number of the watch